Breathable 3D Knee Compression Pads

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S--  length 24cm,Recommended thigh circumference 28-34 cm,Suit for weight 40-50KG
M-- length 24cm,Recommended thigh circumference 34-40 cm,Suit for weight 50-70KG
L-- length 24cm,Recommended thigh circumference 40-46 cm,Suit for weight 70-80KG
XL-- length 24cm,Recommended thigh circumference 46-52 cm,Suit for weight 80-90KG
XXL-- length 25cm,Recommended thigh circumference 57-63 cm,Suit for weight 90-120KG
XXXL-- length 25cm,Recommended thigh circumference 63-68 cm,Suit for weight 120-135KG
Leg circumference measurement method: 10 cm at the top of the knee bone